Friday, November 30, 2007


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

I can't wait for the shows/sales this season! I hope to see you there!

Please stop by to say "hi" and to purchase the high quality jewelry I create by hand with the utmost care and love! Good "vibes" are in every stone!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! ~ Pam

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Shows - 2007

HI, Everyone!

I hope your school year has begun on the right foot!

Now, let's start to think about all the great Christmas presents you'll need this year, and who you'll be buying terrific handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces from... ME! LOL



November 10 - Walt Disney School, Gates

December 2 - Sweden Clarkson Community Center: 4927 S. Lake Road, Brockport Kiwanis Club 2007 Holiday Craft Show

December 8 - Greece Olympia High School: Maiden Lane, Greece




I'll post more photos of available pieces as time allows, and if my computer doesn't freeze up! Ugh!

Currently, I can accept payments in the form of: cash, money orders, or PayPal - via email invoices. If you live in the local area, I can deliver your piece of wearable art at no extra charge! If you'd like it mailed, I will have to apply the regular shipping charge of $6 (to cover the cost of postage and bubble wrap), but you'll be sure to receive your package within 2 business days! (I love the USPS!)

If you have something in mind that you'd like me to create, please let me know, so I can start gathering materials NOW, so your great piece can be completed in time to send it to your BFF by her b-day, or Xmas, or just because! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hi, Everyone!

Aunt Paulie and I will be participating in lots of local shows this year!


JUNE 2nd: The 19th Ward's Square Fair - Rochester, NY

JULY 4th: Picnic In The Park - Batavia, NY

JULY 22nd: ArtWalk's Muse-A-Thon - Rochester, NY

AUGUST 11th: Avon Arts and Crafts Show and Sale - Avon, NY

AUGUST 26th: 19th Amendment Celebration - Rochester, NY

Please come out and support your local artists!

Peace and Happiness! ~ Pam :Þ

UPDATE: We had a great time at the Square Fair! It was fun meeting a lot of wonderful people! We look forward to seeing you in Batavia on July 4th!

UPDATE: Batavia's show was rained out! :(   But, the folks who did attend were very kind and welcoming! Thank you!

UPDATE: The ARTWalk was a HUGE success, Rochester, HUUU-GE! LOL (What is up with that guy anyway??) The many visitors to our booth were both impressed with our pieces, and delighted with our prices! (If you've purchased, you know, most items are under $20!) Thanks to all who helped make the ARTWalk fundraiser a great event! We'll be back to this one next year, too!!!

UPDATE: Avon's Corn Festival was a lot of fun! We look forward to attending this event again next year! Great people and great food! Yum! :)

UPDATE: The 19th Amendent Celebration was a wonderful event! It was well planned and went off without a hitch! Thanks go out to Barbara Hoffman for coordinating everything! She's fabulous and knows how to throw a party! :)