Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clean-up with soapy savings for the month of June 2012!

Hi, y'all!

I've got more varieties of my Scented Spa Soaps available that are ready to ship! Hurray!

My Scented Spa Soaps are regularly $5 each, and I've already listed them at the 2-for-$8 price online (i.e. $4 each)!

Scents that are available right now:
LILAC (over 24 bars, so this scent is ready for larger orders!), PLUMERIA, CREME BRULEE, MOUNTAIN LAKE, BLACK CANYON, PATCHULI, JASMINE, and the new SCENTS-LESS Spa Soaps! :)

Please email me with your order at , and I can make sure the invoice reflects your savings!

I've also created a new SCENTS-LESS tie-dyed-look soap, made with Shea butter glycerin... mmm, so nice on your skin! :)

Note: I can create soaps without adding color as well, if that is a concern for you. They will be in the fun flower shape, and can be made with the clear glycerin or the Shea butter glycerin. Just let me know.

Isn't ordering from me super easy?!? Please tell your friends! LOL!